POC is proud to announce the first edition of POC MAG, a magazine/catalogue combo. Absorbed in our daily work developing products, our intention has always been to share interests, ideas, phenomena and philosophies that interest or influence us.There are so many aspects of culture, past, present and future, that constitute what we are, both as individuals as well as collectively. With the cross-scientific approach to how we process challenges at POC, we need to be curious, listen carefully, both to promote and to reject. We need to establish a strong foundation to guide us in the quest to make a point, to state our own identity and typology, to explore, invent or to innovate, all to the benefit of the users. There is a special feeling and quality to the physical and tangible properties of a magazine. Something that may be left on the bed side table for months to be explored bit-by-bit. On the other hand, a catalogue can be a bit limiting. So we decided to make a combo. A mag and a catalogue, all in one. We know how to make catalogues but the magazine production is beyond our competence and experience. So we approached our favourite magazine in the fields of snow, skate, surf, music and art: HUCK magazine. After initial discussions about subjects that we wanted to address, we let HUCK move on to create a stunning editorial and visual interpretation of the magazine's ideas and themes. So here it is... POC MAG: we hope you enjoy reading it!