POC contributes in the fight against the slashing and burning of the Amazon

When purchasing a BUG series product, 1% of POC’s related income will be donated by POC to the Instituto Permacultura da Amazonia, IPA. The concept of Permaculture was developed in the late 1970’s by Australian Bill Mollison, to respond to the energy crisis of the time. The concept developed and introduced a different approach to agriculture and community design, one that seeks to place the right elements together so that they sustain and support each other. Permaculture is an alternative solution to cut short monoculture systems and slash and burn activities in the Amazon. It is an ecological design science for creating sustainable and diverse human settlements with an approach to land use which weaves together plants, animals, soils, water management, local food technology, alternative energy, forest economics and human needs into intricately connected and productive assemblies. IPA has been working to save the Amazon rainforests since it was established in 1997 and was an early leader in the sustainable movement and the development of innovative technologies. IPA was recently honored by the state of Amazonas for its commitment, innovation and tenacity to protecting the environment and serving local communities. IPA began by creating a model sustainable farm and educational center on the outskirts of Manaus replete with renewable energy, biological sanitation, alternative architecture, organic agriculture and a sizable agroforestry system on destroyed pasture land. From this base it has trained numerous young regional leaders to work in the interior. Since 2004 it has expanded its activities into several regions of the central Amazon interior and sends its teams into isolated vulnerable communities. POC supports IPA by contributing 1% of the BUG Series sales. ”We have struggled to identify an organization where we would have insight in how the money from the BUG Series sales would be invested. The big and evident organizations were unable to define how the money would be invested. Something that frustrated us. Would the money be spent on red tape? If there would be an organization where we would be able to follow the process of defined projects, we would feel much easier. That together with everyone that contributes by buying a BUG Series product, being able to understand where the money goes, would make it much more encouraging and pedagogical. Finally, I got in contact with an old school mate from the OLM School in Rio de Janeiro, Carlos Miller, who spends his efforts on ecological issues. Carlos was able to direct us to IPA and we immediately felt that collaboration would make sense. We look forward to the collaboration and IPAs crucial work and achievements” Says CEO Stefan Ytterborn IPA ́s progress and the extent of POC ́s economical contribution will be accounted for annually on pocsports.com For more information about IPA and POC, please see: ipapermacultura.org and pocsports.com The BUG Series was developed to meet the demands of today’s skiers that are stretching the limits beyond what was thought to be possible only a few years back. The quality of skiing in any local back country or park is just amazing. And again, the need for protection has never been greater. The BUG series was derived from POC’s groundbreaking research and products on how to improve protection and performance.