Craig Murray - It’s all in the details

In skiing and life, Craig Murray carves an inventive line. He is a modern-day shapeshifter who is down-to-earth while also ambitiously visionary. As a ski film luminary, a Freeride World Tour medalist and World Cup mountain bike racer, and a dedicated advocate for making skiing more accessible and inclusive, Craig operates in global and local spaces all at once.

The pursuit of his dreams has taken him to the top of podiums, down razor-edge spines in Alaska, and earned him full parts in major global ski films. He has brought his visions to the big screen, producing, directing and starring in numerous films over the last few years. Terra Incognita, premiering this month, is his latest shining example.

Photo: Elias Lundh Photo: Scott Robb
Photo: Niklas Wallner

Through all of Craig's triumphs and creations, he remains a humble champion of the local community that raised him, always looking to lift others as his star rises. He organizes and runs a series of camps to spread the joys and possibilities of skiing and mountain biking to more children from different backgrounds. And his friends and family feature in every film project he spearheads.

In everything Craig does, he seeks inspiration from nature. He has degrees in environmental science and geography, and he remains committed to understanding the intricate workings of the natural world. Whether bumping his bike over roots and rocks or floating his skis across crystalline snow, he revels in the tactile connection to his environment. Craig's reverence for nature is the red thread running through all his different pursuits, keeping him on track.

Photo: Craig Murray Photo: Tom Fisher
Photo: Tom Fisher

No matter how grand Craig's plans and projects get, his feet are firmly rooted to the earth. Big mountain skiing, his films, the youth camps, and bike racing–it's all a means to explore a deeper connection to the natural world. Because for Craig, focusing on the details allows him to complete the bigger picture.

Photos by: Jojo Harper, Elias Lundh, Scott Robb, Niklas Wallner, Tom Fisher & Martin Wichardt


Photo: Martin Wichardt Photo: Jojo Harper