POC release the Calyx - one helmet for skiing, mountaineering, and cycling

POC is proud to release a brand-new helmet, Calyx, its first helmet certified for skiing, mountaineering, and cycling.

Taking inspiration from POC’s heritage in snow sports and cycling, the Calyx has been developed as a truly multi-functional helmet for skiing, mountaineering and cycling. Using a host of POC’s innovations in performance and protection, the Calyx is designed to protect users whether they are riding around town or ascending and descending the mountain.

Commenting on the Calyx, POC’s Chief Product Officer, Oscar Huss, said:“As equipment advances more skiers and snowboarders are venturing into the back country, which often includes periods of climbing and mountaineering. As a protection company our priority is safety and we wanted to create a helmet that was as versatile as its users. It not only challenges the conventional approach to helmet design and certification, but it also introduces a host of new solutions, such as ascent and descent ventilation and pack mode. We are incredibly proud of what the Calyx can do, and for many it will be the one helmet that will protect from the door to the summit. And back again.”

Photo: Robin O'Neill Photo: Robin O'Neill
Photo: Robin O'Neill

Thanks to its development and design approach, the Calyx is a helmet that will shine in skiing/snowboarding, mountaineering, and cycling environments, and can easily be used to cycle to the lift area, and from there to the back country. Equally it can be used solely for skiing laps, playing in the park at a ski resort, taking a day to focus on climbing skills, or on the daily commute in the city to and from the office. Its ventilation system and ease of personalization, using a modular design, means it will fit naturally into its needed role and landscape.

Calyx and Calyx Carbon _ product details

Multi certification

The Calyx and Calyx Carbon have been designed and certified for skiing, mountaineering and cycling. All three certification standards are different and require international certifications designed for their specific use. Ski and Cycling certifications are well known, and although the precise requirements vary depending on territory, they are widely used and centered on a drop test to determine the helmet’s safety and ability to manage impacts. Certifying for mountaineering requires an altogether different testing and development process as the helmets must be able to withstand significant falling and penetrative forces, which could occur during a rock fall.

Material details

At first glance it may look like a regular ski helmet, but behind the Calyx’s clean look hides a host of advanced technical and material details, such as the innovative use of a fabric weave which protects the helmet, manages airflow, and supports a whole new silhouette. To achieve this multi certification requires an array of materials which are all fine-tuned to meet their required need. The Calyx and Calyx Carbon both feature an optimized dual density EPS liner for enhanced protection. The ABS and Carbon shells of the Calyx have exceptional strength, durability and impact resistance and feature variable material thicknesses across the helmet to optimize weight and strength performance. The Carbon shell naturally offers even more strength and durability at a lower weight.

Ventilation system

The Calyx’s ventilation system is designed to keep air moving and maintain an optimal temperature, whether you are going up the mountain on skins, going downhill in the resort, or biking around town on the weekend. Specifically, the linear channels inside the helmet have been inspired by POC’s road and mountain bike helmets, which allow the air to flow freely over the head. POC’s cycling helmets have also inspired the vent holes at the top of the helmet, which are designed to help hot air escape when you are walking or climbing by using a chimney effect. The Calyx also has a three-stage integrated ventilation adjustment allowing each user to fine tune to their own needs and preferences.

Modular system

To create a versatile helmet, fit for all the disciplines, requires an ability to personalize and adapt the helmet for each use. This is an idea that is central to the Calyx’s development. The goggle clip, foldable ear pads and neck warmer, are all designed for simple removal and re-installation depending on the need of the user, particular activity, or season.

Precise fit system – with pack mode

The fit system used on the Calyx offers the same expected fit, adjustment and comfort as found on many POC helmets. Simply adjusting the rear wheel allows the user to fine tune the fit for comfort and feel. The interior padding is also designed to be easily removed if more room is needed when used with a headwear, without having any Velcro left inside the helmet. The system also incorporates a three-stage vertical adjustment to tune even more specifically. And new to the Calyx is a fully retractable fit system. The adjustment system can be pushed wholly into the helmet for a ‘pack mode’ which is an important consideration when using the helmet on the mountain or storing for transportation.

RECCO® and Mips Evolve

POC helmets often incorporate a host of additional safety features, and the Calyx is no different. Seamlessly integrated into the helmet is a RECCO® rescue reflector which helps rescue services quickly locate a user if they are lost on the mountain or if they are caught in an avalanche. Further, rotational impact protection is enhanced through the inclusion of the trusted Mips Evolve system.


Two attachment clips on each earpad keeps them more secure. The foldable ear pads are highly flexible and thanks to the specific design of the exterior and can be folded inwards for packing and transportation. Easily removable they have been designed precisely with the helmet silhouette to ensure that the user can decide to use the helmet with or without ear pads according to the weather conditions, with the included neck warmer or your personal favourite headwear.

Neck warmer

The helmet is designed and delivered with a bespoke neck warmer, giving each user the ability to decide on their preferred option and approach to using the helmet and accessories.

Seamless fit

All POC helmets are designed with our Seamless Fit. From the very beginning of the development process, we work to ensure our helmets and goggles work together as one, in perfect harmony confident that no matter how hard you push them, or how deep you journey into the mountains, they will always work. There is no interference, no compromise of the experience or performance, just a seamless fit. The Calyx is no different, especially when paired with the brand new Vitrea or Nexal goggle.

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Photos by
Robin O'Neill

The Calyx and Calyx Carbon will be available online and in selected retail stores from November 2023.

Depending on model and size and when used with ears the weights are.
Calyx Carbon (with ears) Small - 450g Medium - 480g Large - 540g
Calyx (with ears) Small - 570g Medium - 580g Large - 680g

XS/S 51–54cm M/L 55–58cm L /XXL 59–62cm

Selentine Off-White Matt, Uranium Black Matt and Epidote Green Matt.

Calyx - EUR 249, USD 250, GBP 220, SEK 2499, NOK 2499, DKK 1999, CHF 299
Calyx Carbon - EUR 399, USD 400, GBP 380, SEK 3999, NOK 3999, DKK 2999, CHF 479

International certification
EN 1077, EN 1078, EN 12492, CPSC 1203, ASTM F2040
Note - the Calyx has not been tested and certified for cycling in Australia, only snow sports and mountaineering.

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