Inspired by_ Dirty Kanza

It’s long. It’s hot. It has a simple premise and a simple allure that makes it relatable in a way that multi-stage races on the World Tour never can be. But most of all, it’s a crazy race.

This year, as part of Team EF’s Alternative Race Calendar, three riders—Alex Howes, Taylor Phinney and Lachlan Morton—went off the beaten path and on to the gravel roads in rural Kansas to experience an altogether different kind of challenge.

The riding is tough, and long. 200 miles (322km) of gravel roads, with support at only two stops, and where each rider needs to carry everything they need for the race makes it a physical challenge unlike any other.

See why they wanted to take on this challenge—and how they fared—in the latest EF Gone Racing video.

Photos by: Jordan Clark Haggard