Clarity by POC

Whether you are threading your way through a rock garden, in the middle of the city, or out on the road before the sunrise, one thing is always the same; your vision is the gateway to decision making, safety and performance.

Being able to react a millisecond quicker can often be the difference in a winning run and being able to avoid an accident.

It is a constant that is often overlooked by many but driven by our safety mission we wanted to push the boundaries of science and innovation and develop unique and an enhanced vision technology, to give riders the precise levels of light and contrast exactly when they need it.

Managing diverse types of light in such fine detail is crucial and we took our ideas and collaborated with some of the world's leading optic experts at Carl Zeiss to develop specific and highly advanced tints.

Anyone who bikes the forest, in the mountains on the gravel or in the city will know how the light varies across activities, therefore Clarity lenses also have light spectrums tuned to activity specific needs, such as mountain bike, road and in urban settings.

Mountain bike riders needs lenses and tints which are specifically designed to enhance contrast and boost trail associated colors, such as green and brown. Plus, mountain bike riders are often subject to abrupt changes in light and shadow and as such the lenses are also optimized for variable light conditions.

Riders on the road, often for hours on end, require specific tints that are optimized to increase the contrast on the road surface which enhances definition and the ability for a rider to see surface irregularities earlier and react to road conditions better.

And in the hustle of an urban landscape all riders need an enhanced focus which can be supported by the right lenses, such as those have which enhances LED and red colors which are often used in traffic and car lights. By providing riders in urban environments with improved visual input it is easier to react and ride safely.

Anyone can step into the light.

Sometimes all it takes is vision.

Photos by: Ian Walton Hemingway , Niklas Wallner, Martin Wichardt & Maja Johansson