Gifts for the road cycling devotee

The rider who heads out on the road most weekends with a smaller group where efforts are interspersed with café stops will quickly come to appreciate the items in this guide, which balance protection with comfort and performance across the seasons.


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Opal Blue Translucent/Clarity Trail Silver Cat 2
Fluorescent Pink Uranium Black Translucent/Violet Gold Mirror CAT 2
Argentite Silver/Clarity Universal Silver Mirror CAT 3
Aventurine Yellow/Clarity Define Silver Mirror
Epidote Green Translucent/Clarity Road Silver Cat 3
Ammolite Coral Translucent/Brown Silver Mirror CAT 2
Axinite Brown Translucent/Brown Silver Mirror
Purple Quartz Translucent/Violet Silver Mirror CAT 3
Sapphire Purple Translucent/Clarity Define Violet Cat 2
Lemon Calcite Translucent/Clarity Define Silver Mirror
Hydrogen White/Clarity Road Sunny Silver Cat 3
Uranium Black/Clarity Universal Partly Sunny Grey Cat 2
Tortoise Brown/Clarity Road Sunny Silver Cat 3
Actinium Pink Translucent/Brown Silver Mirror CAT 2
Uranium Black/Clarity Trail Partly Sunny Silver Cat 2
Lead Blue/Clarity Road Gold Mirror Cat 2
Uranium Black Translucent/Clarity Road Deep Green Cat 3
Sulfur Yellow/Clarity Road Silver Mirror Cat 3
Basalt Blue/Clarity Trail Silver Mirror Cat 2
Uranium Black/Clarity Road Partly Sunny Gold Cat 2
Kalkopyrit Blue
Moldanite Green/ Clarity Trail Spektris Azure CAT 3
Aragonite Brown/ Clarity Trail Spektris Chrome CAT 2