We're excited to share our third POC MAG!

It's a true privilege being able to share just the topics that interest, influence and concern us: Aspects and angels that influence the culture that we absorb, work and live in. It's the other half of what constitutes POC as an organism. Our products speak for themselves and may be judged subjectively by everyone out there. But POC MAG gives us a chance to also tell the story of what inspires us, why it does and how that is translated or interpreted into what we develop and offer.With the cross-scientific approach to how we process challenges at POC, we need to be curious, listen carefully, both to promote and to reject. We need to establish a strong foundation to guide us in the quest to make a point, to state our own identity and typology, to explore, invent or to innovate. All to the benefit of the users. We do hope that reading the articles brings meaning to you, and maybe we'll be able to contribute to new ideas or perspectives. "The world is full of surprises, disappointments, opportunities, impossibilities, challenges and issues. There are geniuses, nut heads, passionates, talents, stubborns, pathfinders, explorers, mothers and brothers, contributing in the quest to make a better world. We want to share some of these phenomena's. That´s why there is POC MAG" says Stefan Ytterborn; CEO and Founder of POC. The theme this year is shapes and spaces, from a multitude of perspectives. Shapes and spaces make up the world. But its what you choose to do with them that makes a difference. So, welcome to the POC MAG shape and space issue! We hope you find it fits. POC MAG will be available for free at leading POC retailers. Or read the digital version here.