We are happy to present POC Bike Excursion starring Martin Söderström, Danny MacAskill and Daniel Dhers!

Watch it live here! Behind the scenes photos. "It's been a dream project since a couple of years, bringing our dear friends Daniel, Danny and Martin together here to explore and ride the surroundings of POC HQ. POC HQ is based right in between the exotic Archipelago and Stockholm city, the capital of Sweden and offers some unique spots. So, we were really excited when we finally could bring them together and start filming, says: Stefan Ytterborn Founder and CEO." It has been a great adventure and beyond thanking the amazing riders we want to high-light the team with Sara Laurell/ Executive Producer and Pelle Jansson/ Creative Director from POC and the extraordinary film crew from AntiMedia in Norway, with Niels Windfeldt/Editor/Director and Filmer and Andreas Braaten Producer/Filmer. "It was so awesome me to go on a trip with Martin Söderstrom and Daniel Dhers in one of the most beautiful cities I think I've ever been to - Stockholm. It was amazing riding on the Islands in the archipelago which had skate park smooth rock and no one else around for miles. All in all it was one of the most fun filming trips ive been on, very relaxed like the Swedes do best." says Danny MacAskill. Find out more about Antimedia: www.antimedia.no Finally the film wouldn't have come out the way it has, if it hadn't been for Red Bull and their professional contribution: www.redbull.com