Pure honor! Trabec awarded Eurobike Award

POC receives the Eurobike Award for the third consecutive year. With two years behind us in the bike market and presenting the third collection at Eurobike, POC is being awarded for the new Trabec helmet. The Trabec helmet is a single track/enduro MTB helmet emphasizing comfort, fit, light weight and ventilation, together with a high degree of protection. "The Trabec is a light and generously ventilated single track helmet, inspired by the spongy bone character and how the skeleton is built, layer by layer, for a solid and durable construction. The non - laminated aramid inside establishes a cage to avoid decomposition in a crash. The coverage and absorbing material is distributed to optimize the protection of the head. It extra rewarding being acknowledged for a product like this, with its main purpose to avoid the conflict between excellent protection and low weight, together with superb ventilation, by a new approach on how to engineer and construct, the new generation of single track helmets". Says Stefan Ytterborn CEO and Founder.