POCito: A proactive approach to safety

[caption id="attachment_2958" align="alignnone" width="600"]POCito Skull helmet in pink POCito Skull helmet[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2959" align="alignnone" width="600"]POCito Iris goggles in orange POCito Iris goggles[/caption] The combination of active and proactive protection is a core aspect of the POCito concept. And POCito is central to the POC way of thinking. Looking for a new and innovative approach to solve an existing problem is at the heart of POC’s philosophy and mission. For POCito, the problem was not only how to protect children when they fall themselves, but also how to protect them when they are crashed into by others. The more-serious injuries children sustain on the slopes tend to be a result of being crashed into by others rather than from their own falls. As such, POC focused on a proactive approach to safety. Targeting collision avoidance, the POCito range uses fluorescent colors to make it easier for others to spot children on the piste as early as possible. Vast mountain slopes can be intimidating, especially when you are small and starting out on snow. In working with visibility POC strives to bring a bright start to life on the slopes, allowing everyone to make the most of a short ski trip; allowing families to spend time together on the piste; allowing parents to watch younger ones progress in safety and in comfort, which is what matters for any parent wanting to share their enjoyment of the snow. The POC belief in taking a proactive approach to safety is not limited to addressing the problems found on the slopes. It can be hard to spot children in busy car parks at the end of the day as the light is fading. The reflectors found on POCito helmets are there to increase children’s visibility in the beam of car headlights off the slopes, or from snow mobiles and grooming machines on the piste. Making small adaptations to proven technologies to allow for the size and weight differences between child and adult heads creates products tailored for younger wearers that are still certified according to the same standards. Our mission to do the best we can to possibly save lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sports enthusiasts led us to utilise proactive safety as a protection method. The resulting POCito range was one of our earliest product groups: it remains an inspiration for our continuing work to make children and adults safer.