POC wins Swedish Outdoor Design Award

The newly instituted prize of SEK 300,000 (EUR 35,000) is awarded to companies working in the field of outdoor recreation who consciously highlight design in their product development to create innovative and attractive products or services. The winner of this year's Swedish Outdoor Design Award is POC Sweden AB.

The jury motivates its decision as follows:
"Outdoor recreation and active experience of nature are essential elements of the Swedish way of life. For many, downhill skiing is synonymous with freedom and exhilaration under an open sky. The sport is increasingly popular, providing significant economic potential to both small and large scale enterprise throughout the country. Safety is a key issue for ski areas as well as individual skiers. Design that promotes the safety of individuals is of primary importance. The jury has found in this year's prize winner a company with a focus on design and functionality that has created a holistic concept for safer downhill skiing. Their products are characterized by professionally developed design work that provides functionality and user-friendliness all the way, from the idea, product development and promotion to the end user. Therefore the prize goes to POC Sweden AB."

"There has been tremendous interest in this prize. Despite tough competition, we chose a range of products with functional design for a sport with broad public interest", says jury member Tore Brännlund of Jämtland Regional Design Center.

The Swedish Outdoor Design Award 2005 jury consists of:
Tore Brännlund, Jämtland Regional Design Center, Claes Frössén, SVID, Christine Carendi, Svensk Form, Vanja Aronson and Jens Edlund, Guldgalan, Lasse Lindqvist, Åre 2007 AB, Martin Kössler, Scandinavian Outdoor Group and Kalle Grahn, Utemagasinet.

For more information contact:
Tore Brännlund
Jämtland Regional Design Center, phone +46 (0)63-16 83 04 or +46 (0)70-626 7855

Fred Wikström
POC Sweden AB, phone +46 (0)8-717 40 50 or +46 (0)70-9999 022, www.pocski.com

Additional information and press photos are available at:
www.swedishoutdoor.com, www.guldgalan.com.