POC Wins SIA Snowpress Innovations Award For Receptor Backcountry Helmet

POC has received the SIA Snowpress Innovations Award for the Receptor Backcountry helmet featuring MIPS anti rotational violence technology.

Targeted towards advanced freeskiers and snowboarders in exposed environments, the Receptor Backcountry helmet is equipped with the patented MIPS System to reduce rotational forces to the brain during oblique or lateral crashes. This breakthrough technology allows the liner, held in place by a plastic replaceable pin that releases upon a severe enough impact, and the outer shell to rotate in relation to each other during a serious crash. This independent movement of the shell and liner reduces stress on the brain and ultimately saves lives.

"The issue of rotational violence to one's brain when crashing is major," says Stefan Ytterborn CEO and founder of POC. "The load transmitted to the brain due to the rotational violence is severe and is especially crucial to prevent at high speeds and gnarly terrain, like in big mountain skiing and when jumping big. Thanks to a collaboration, with MIPS, a Swedish entity, having researched these aspects for more than 10 years, POC is proud to launch the world's first snow helmet using the MIPS technology."

In the Receptor Backcountry helmet, nothing has been neglected to attain the highest possible level of protection. The double overlapping shell design and our patented VDSAP, allows a fully ventilated construction for maximum comfort without sacrificing penetration resistance, or impact energy management. A multi impact liner of EPP, a full layer of Aramid penetration barrier, a Recco avalanche rescue system, combined with the MIPS System, makes this the safest backcountry helmet on the market.