POC Teamrider Martin Söderström wins 2009 Vienna Air King!

The world’s top dirt jumpers started off the season with Vienna Air King. POC teamrider Martin Söderström won the gold by performing the most stunning tricks in front of huge crowds at the ARGUS Bike Festival which hosted 100 000 visitors. Since Martin blew the first two runs, he had nothing to loose on his last run and he pulled a clean 360 at the step down, a double tailwhip at the first jump followed by a 360 on the second and a bar spin on the third set as well as a 540 at the quarter pipe. A perfect winning run. ”I knew I was capable so I just had to let it go. I thought, either I crash or I win. Even though it was a difficult track where it was hard to keep the speed - which resulted in lots of crashes, it seemed to fit me well! I couldn’t have whished for a better start of the season!” says Martin Martin also came third in the “best trick competition”. “Martin is progressing so fast and we are so proud to have him on the team! Kicking off the season like this, we hope this was just the warm up! says Stefan Ytterborn, CEO POC Congratulations Martin! A big HURRAY from everyone back here at the office!