POC Team Athlete Season Wrap Up

We would like to thank our Team Athletes for an amazing season!

We know that for a lot of people, the season is not over yet, but for many of our Athletes, the competing season is now over and our team has once again outdone themselves. Here is a short summary of what some of them have been up to:

Aurélien Ducroz:
Freeride World Tour Champion - for the second time (ski) :
Born and raised by a Mountain guide family in Chamonix, free riding comes natural to Aurélien Ducroz. His fluid and creative style has earnt him countless competition results. This season Aurélien took back the title and is once again the Freeride World Tour Champion. We are proud to have him on the team!

Check out some of Aurélien´s runs:


Mitch Tölderer:
Freeride World Tour Champion (Snowboard):
Austrian Freeride legend Mitch is used to travel the planet for snowboarding and surfing and probably has more powder days under his belt than most of us put together. Mitch has played a very big part in pushing the evolution of snowboarding to where it is today. Mitch has had a great season on tour where he became the Freeride World Tour Champion.

Check one of Mitch´s runs:

Anna Holmlund:
Over all World Cup Champion (Ski X)
After placing third last year, Anna took a big leap this season and won the whole thing! She won totally 5 gold medals during the cup. Anna also took the bronze medal at the World Champs.

Flo Orley:
2nd - Freeride World Tour (Snowboard):
Flo Orley is a master of board sports and is well known as one of the best snowboard free riders in the world. Flo spends his winters snowboarding unbelievable lines and his summers surfing incredible waves all around the world. Flo is an amazing multi talented athlete and role model who manages to combine competing at the highest level with a lifestyle that most people just dream about. Flo took the spot next to Mitch on the podium and got the silver medal in the Freeride World Tour.

Check out some of Flo´s runs:


Julia Mancuso:
Julia Mancuso splits her time between Squaw Valley, Hawaii and hotel rooms across the globe, and in between has captured more Olympic medals than any other American woman. Julia has had a great season with a World Champs silver medal and several podiums in the world cup. Julia finished 3rd in the over all Super G and DH cup.

André Myhrer:
André Myhrer has had his fair share of getting really close to the podium. Finally, at the Olympics in Vancouver 2010 André got a spot on the podium as he won the bronze in Slalom. This season, André showed up on the podium three times! We hope this is a trend!

Maria Pietilä Holmner:
Maria has a wonderful sense for skiing. An astonishing technique has earned Maria a World Championship Slalom Bronze medal and 2 World Cup gold medals.

Mattias Hargin:
The king of second runs! Mattias can go from a really lousy first run to a brilliant second run and end up on the podium. This is what makes ski racing so exciting and we love the show! This season, Mattias´s strong mentality earned him two World Cup bronze medals.

Bode Miller:
Bode is considered one of the greatest Alpine World Cup skiers of all time with 32 total victories, and a victory in all five disciplines. He is the only ski racer in history to win five World Cup races in each of the five alpine disciplines. On top of that, Bode holds five medals in the Winter Olympics. Bode earned 3 well deserved World Cup medals this season. And, had he not lost his pole in the World Champs, we are sure he would also be the owner of a World Champs medal as well.

Axel Bäck:
The 23-year old, Olympic debutant and last season's World Cup "rookie of the year". Now also a World Cup medal holder - a true slalom phenomenon. We are already looking forward to following Axel next season!

Jon Olsson:
The most talented skier out there? Jon has taken a big step towards his goal of representing Sweden in the 2014 Sochi Olympics. The transition from being an X-Games Slope Style favorite, to racing GS in the World Cup, this year happened in a blink of an eye. Major!

Tanner Hall:
Tanner is back in business and has showed us all that he is in as good shape as ever!

Patrik Järbyn:
Patrik is the Superman of the Alpine circus and has by now started in 286 World Cup races. Nothing seems to stop this skiing machine and his mental strength amazes us. Never count Patrik out!

This season has had its share of injuries and we have had to see how TJ Schiller, Chemmy Alcott, Lars Lewén and Anders Backe had to get off the track and undergo different surgeries. They are all rehabbing well and we are sure we will see them in better shape than ever next season!

Thank you guys for a great season!

Get to know our Team Athletes better: