POC nominated for the VOLVO SportsDesign AWARD

Having won the AWARD in 2006, POC is proud to yet again find itself among the nominees for the VOLVO SportsDesign AWARD, this time with its new LOBES goggles.

The jury has met at ISPO Winter 07 in Munich and picked the nominees for the 3rd VOLVO SportsDesign AWARD. POC's LOBES goggles are one of 5 products in the Headwear/Footwear category.

Over 300 applications from students, designers and the entire sporting goods industry compete in this year's contest. The criteria for the award include functionality, form, personalization, and innovation, use of materials, color, and graphic design. According to the jury there are more competing entries than ever before and the quality of this year?s products is on an outstandingly high level.

VOLVO SportsDesign FORUM and its SportsDesign AWARD, honoring extraordinarily innovative design, have gained the reputation of one of the world's leading sports design events in the last few years. The topic of this year is Personal Design: Developing one product that is serial but also corresponds to one individual only. The winners will be announced at the AWARD Ceremony on February 3rd, 2007, directly after the VOLVO SportsDesign FORUM in Munich.

For more information:
VOLVO SportsDesign AWARD, www.ispo-sportsdesign.com, info@ispo-sportsdesign.com, +49 89 944 196-0.