POC is proud to announce its second Materialica Award for the VPD Back Protection System

The POC Spine VPD Armor line, has evolved from a new Polymer compound and technology: Visco Elastic Polymer Dough©. The material which is highly shock absorbing, works progressively. It is extremely ergonomic, soft and adaptive when worn, just like dough, while it stiffens when stressed. The protective properties are amazing and exceeds the required CE-standards by more than 50% and therefore reach the highest safety standard CE 1621-2 motorcycle standard. This is a special award. The Materialica Award has evolved from the Materialica International Trade Fair for Materials Applications, Surface Technology and Product Engineering. ”To highlight this interrelation, to demonstrate the importance of materials for industrial design-oriented applications and to stablish a platform for designers, material manufacturers, developers, engineers and producers for a get together, MunichExpo has been organizing the MATERIALICA Design+ Technology Award for six years. The main focal point of this award is on aerospace, automotive, engineering, sports and technical consumer goods”. Says:Materialica ”It´s rewarding receiving the Materialica award, with its focus on innovation in materials and their applications. Something which is a cornerstone and a driving force, here at POC” Says: Stefan Ytterborn CEO and Founder of POC