Eurobike Award for VPD 2.0

POC receives the Eurobike Award for the fourth consecutive year POC is proud to announce that the VPD 2.0 Body Armor line, has been awarded the Eurobike Award 2011. With three years behind us in the bike market and presenting the fourth collection at Eurobike, POC is being awarded for the new VPD 2.0 Body Armor Line. VPD 2.0 is the new generation of body armor deriving from the Visco Elastic Polymer Dough material which has been used in POC body armor since launched 3 years ago. While the current VPD still does the job and will continue to exist, the new VPD 2.0 takes protection, agility and ergonomics to a new level and allows us to improve the level of protection, fit and comfort. "It´s truly rewarding being acknowledged for the immense work that has been invested by the POC team. Being acknowledged for a product line with its main purpose to avoid the conflict between excellent protection and freedom of movement, low weight, together with superb ventilation, by a new approach on how to engineer and construct, the new generation of body armor is of big importance for us as the Eurobike Award focuses on innovation in materials and their applications. Something which is a cornerstone and a driving force, here at POC" Says Stefan Ytterborn CEO POC The EUROBIKE AWARD, which is already being held for the seventh time this year, provides the retail trade as well as consumers with an endorsement of good design and a sense of orientation on a widely diverse market. It reveals what is innovative and functional as well as environmentally compatible and sustainable. This award has developed into an outstanding marketing instrument for the bicycle industry.