Donations to the Spinalis Karolinska Institute

The following individuals, have donated EUR 50 each through POC to the Spinalis Foundation:

Christian Penning, Chefredakteur, Ski Magazin
Florian Schmidt, Stellvertrender Chefredakteur, Ski Magazin
Alexander Herrmann, Anzeigenabteilung, Olympia-Verlag Gmbh
Andrew Jobling, Associate editor, WGSN
Mårten Pettersson, Chefredaktör, Åka Skidor
Patrik Leje, Redaktör, Åka Skidor
Anders Olofsson, Annonser, Ute Magasinet
Anna Cassel, Sales, Source
Andrea Conneely, Marketing Manager, Dark Summer

The Spinalis Foundation exresses its warmest gratitude to you all!

The Spinalis Foundation was founded in 1989 with the mission to initiate and support research and develop methods to help spinal cord injured conquer their injury and live a valid life. R&D support is raised from several external sources such as private donations. Medical research projects are closely linked to the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. The Foundation has been instrumental in initiating the SCI unit Spinalis at Rehab Station Stockholm. For more information please visit