Best of the Best!

For the second consecutive year POC has been awarded Best of the Best at the Red Dot Design Award. This time it´s the POC Receptor MIPS Back Country that has been awarded. A helmet that manages rotational violence. "With 4.252 entries from 57 countries, it's an honor to be among the very few that receives the finest degree "Best of the Best". What makes it even better is that the awarded product is our Receptor Back Country helmet which is equipped with the anti rotational violence; MIPS system. Hitting elements of high friction, like a rock or a tree, creates rotational violence to ones brain, which can actually slide inside the skull. An aspect just as bad as direct impact violence. In a helmet equipped with the MIPS technology the shell and the liner are separated by a low friction layer and on impact the outer layer detaches and rotates separately. Lives may be saved thanks to this innovation which decreases the rotational energy by as much as 40%", says Stefan Ytterborn CEO and Founder POC.