AVIP: The products

Här kan det vara en kort ingress. Kanske att den är två meningar, eventuellt lite längre, men den ska sammanfatta AVIP-produkterna på ett bra sätt.
Besides developing high performance helmets, which promote new safety features, aerodynamics and overall performance, there are a number of new functional, technical, performance products for road bike cyclists. These have been developed to support attention and visibility, including the finest and most uncompromising cycling clothing, materials, making, accessories and functional details for efficacy, without sacrificing safety.
Helmets When we identified the need to bring our unique approach to safety and performance to road bike helmets, we naturally wanted to use the knowledge and technology we gained in making award winning and revolutionary ski helmets and transfer that experience to build optimal road bike helmets. The concepts, which we initially used for ski and mountain bike helmets, have been further developed and refined to meet all the demands of today’s road bike users. New approaches to the strategic use of EPS, ventilation, aerodynamics, visibility and using an innovative fully wrapped unibody construction provide improved protection with ultimate aerodynamic performance. Apparel line POC’s first line of specific road bike wear, AVIP Essentials, contains a number of high performing garments that have been engineered with performance, comfort, aerodynamic and proactive safety in mind. AVIP Essentials has been designed to give you a core performance cycling wardrobe and our approach has been to develop a range, which can be used by all cyclists in all conditions. By using some of most progressive fabrics available - and by working closely with some of the industries most skilled, experienced and competent makers - we have been able to develop a range based on layers and combinations to provide maximum versatility and avoiding products with a limited and narrow use. Read also AVIP: The research & development AVIP: The products AVIP: The concept