AVIP: The concept

We are proud to share our most ambitious initiative to date, promoting safety for road cyclists; AVIP. AVIP stands for Attention-Visibility-Interaction-Protection. With the hazardous reality of sharing the roads with motorists, the need for proactive safety and protection is more evident than in most other cases. With the strong passion that runs through the POC team, and our clear mission, we felt that we now had to contribute our approach and technologies. Besides developing high performance helmets, the intention has been to contribute new ideas, innovations and solutions for improved safety, protection and performance. These have been built on understanding the behavior within defined environments, interaction with other people, vehicles and landscapes. We have challenged ourselves to come up with new and more specific products and concepts with the goal of supporting a safer ride. To best manage this challenge we have engaged experts from other fields to apply a cross-scientific approach and investigate areas such as perception, visibility, color, contrast, communication, psychology, digital technology, aerodynamics and more. We have combined all this with our own experience and history of developing award winning protection and concepts. The idea has been to cover a palette of safety areas, from proactive aspects via communication to protection and post safety solutions, without ever compromising on performance. We want to redefine the future of road biking - AVIP represents the beginning of our vision.
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