The principle of visibility

“I just didn’t see them until it was too late.

“I couldn’t stop in time; I didn’t see them soon enough.”

Both common, valid, statements that are heard all too often in the aftermath of an accident.

While some go further and try to shift blame on to the more vulnerable, more exposed party—a cyclist or a pedestrian—it’s always worth remembering the old adage “stay safe, stay seen” whenever we prepare for a ride.

Long said to children as they learn the fundamentals of road safety, whether on foot or on two wheels for the first time, the saying sits at the very core of what we can control to keep ourselves safe.

Visibility plays a vital role in our protection. And any steps we can take to make ourselves seen more easily can help improve the chances of others seeing us in good time. Our visibility is our most powerful tool to draw attention to our presence; and to ensure that we get noticed. The principle of visibility has long been important to us at POC, being a central component of our AVIP (Attention, Visibility, Interaction, Protection) concept. This concept remains in our thinking at every stage of the product design process, and is why we work to include elements that help keep riders noticed across our product range.

Simple, effective, steps include using more than one rear light—with each positioned at different heights—or making sure that reflective details form part of an outfit. Even the smallest additions can make a difference to our visibility and bring attention to our presence, regardless of weather or light conditions.

Using splashes of contrasting colour also help attract attention. Bright, fluorescent colours at the body’s extremities help improve noticeability, potentially helping to catch the eye of another road user as we pedal, or stretch out a hand to signal a turn.

Following these simple fundamentals are the easiest steps we can take to keep ourselves noticed every time we ride.

Photos by: Olle Kirchmeier & Maja Johansson

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