The best days are the bad days!

What defines a bad ski day; Is it one where you are freezing, spend the day skiing ice, have constantly aching feet and bad visibility?

We all have our own ideas of what ‘bad’ means, and when you consider the list of obstacles that can ruin a day it is easy to see why choosing to stay at home in front of a roaring fire is that much more sensible. But turn it all around and look at those issues as small details that, with some planning, can turn a bleak outlook into one filled with immense potential.

Start with those that are easy to cure. Freezing? Consider what you own and make sure to bring enough to layer for all weather eventualities. Skiing on ice? Sharpen your edges. Turning will be more fun and you can pretend to be a GS pro! Aching feet? Potentially harder to cure, but with the right planning and a visit to a reputable boot fitter, it is easy to turn boots into pleasure slippers. Bad visibility? Quite simply use the right lens for the conditions, most goggles offer different lenses and most are easy to swap out.

Being able to see clearly in all conditions is one of the wonders of modern skiing and snowboarding. But choosing the correct lens for the conditions of the day still seem to fall down the list of priorities. Instead you are likely to be encountered by a vast array of beautiful, cool looking mirror lenses, perfect for the sunniest of sunny days, but which offer limited visibility in a storm or a whiteout.

It’s common to hear the comment that ‘skiing is no fun when you can’t see’, which is of course true, and when you are in poor conditions there are definitely no jaw dropping mountain vistas to suck in or end of day tan lines to be admired. But with a lens designed to boost the right colors and light you will be able to open up run after run in untracked powder and whenever someone suggests some more tree lined laps there is no hesitation.

These are the days that will stand out, the bad days that become the best days. When your wet gloves just make your smile and your legs, groaning with effort find a bit more energy for one more bubble journey, and where the heavy snowfall hides your tracks after every run.

The coffee and beer can wait, the bad good days can’t!