Complement each other

Our lives are full of examples where a single thing can be complemented, becoming even better. The simple equation where one plus one makes two no longer applies, instead it makes three.

Marriage and relationships could be the purest example of two pieces coming together to enhance the whole. Equally, from dawn to dusk, there are examples that litter our day; it could be the addition of salt to caramel, meatballs with lingonberries (if you’re Swedish), or the unrivalled simplicity of bread and butter. All great things alone, but better together.

Obex Mips & Orb Clarity

It's not just food and couples though, but rarely do we think of our sports and equipment, such as helmets and sunglasses, in the same way. Every one of us, however, will have suffered when the complements are not made, where details are not tuned to perfection and mire the performance and experience.

Indeed the more you pressure your equipment and yourself the more a weakness will show, sucking away focus from the task in hand. It might be ventilation, fit, weight, storage, or any number of details that begin to show their fault lines.

At the opposite end of the scale are pieces of equipment that work perfectly, designed to complement each together, that no matter how hard you push them, or how deep you journey into the mountains, they just work. There is no interference, no compromise of the experience or performance, just a seamless fit.

It’s probably a healthy sign that few of us speak to our helmets and goggles. But if we did, the biggest compliment we could ever give them is that they just worked. That we could forget they were there, knowing they were excelling at what they were designed to do, complementing themselves to compliment us.

Made for each other_