Simpson Magazine_ CHPT3 x POC Devesa

Inspired by Simpson Magazine_

"The collaboration between POC and CHPT3 to create the Ventral Devesa SPIN helmet and special edition Crave and Require glasses represents an understated triumph. Both parties have so strong an aesthetic that such a successful project could hardly have been predicted.

Indeed, placing a pattern inspired by a forest near Girona on such a beguilingly simple union of form and function as the Ventral SPIN helmet might have been akin to drawing a moustache on the Mona Lisa; so too, adding a camo-like pattern to the Crave and Require glasses. That disaster was avoided and victory seized on all fronts speaks volumes for everyone involved.

Magnus Gustavsson was POC’s lead on the collaboration, even if he insists any credit for its success must be shared with his colleagues, specifically with industrial designer Claes Nellestam and Fredrik Hallander, POC’s R&D director. The former is described by an insider as “very much part of the POC DNA”, and frequently the progenitor of its striking helmet and eyewear designs. The latter is the genius responsible for POC’s iconic Octal helmet."