Ready for Anything in Riksgränsen

In skiing, conditions are constantly changing. Temperatures rise and fall, snow melts and refreezes, the wind blows, and the light fades. So there's no better place to be tested by extreme conditions than Riksgränsen, a mountainous wilderness in the heart of the Swedish Arctic. It's where dark winter days contrast with bright summer nights, and the snow lasts from September through June.

For years, Kristofer Turdell has made Riksgränsen his training grounds, using the unpredictable weather and rugged terrain to prepare his body and mind for the demands of big mountain skiing. Last May, he was joined by Craig Murray for their final adventure of the winter. But true to its reputation for erratic weather, a storm rolled in and made their planned ski tour impossible.

Always preparing for the unexpected, Kristofer and Craig changed plans. They studied radar maps and forecasts and found a new area nearby in Norway protected from the heaviest weather. Despite the setback, they pulled off an epic Arctic adventure in the midnight light, starting their ascent in the afternoon and returning to the lodge in the early morning.

The journey to Riksgränsen was a testament to the importance of preparation and adaptability. There is an undeniable truth in skiing that even the best plans are no match for the elements. Being ready for anything is the only plan you can count on.

Photos by: Martin Wichardt

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