Inspired by_ Bex Baraona x GMBN

Dealing with concussion

It’s rare to finish a day on a mountain bike and not be grinning from ear to ear. It is a sport that revolves around positive feelings. Of course, as part of the enjoyment comes with finding individual limits and testing skill levels, it’s natural that accidents happen. Luckily most riders will not suffer anything more than a dent to their confidence. It is rare to break a bone, but this type of visible injuries at least has a clear road to recovery.

The effects of a head injuries are often less tangible. Left untreated however and a concussion, however mild, can result in greater problems. How to notice a change, and take the right steps to recovery, is essential. Importantly it should not be hidden away or brushed off as a small ‘bump’ and it’s an inspiration to hear how professional riders like Bex Barona have coped with their own head injuries.