Infinity is around the corner

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare. It is because we do not dare that things are difficult.”

Few will argue with Seneca’s wise words, and most of us will recognize how their influence is ever-present in guiding our day to day lives and decisions.

And now, thanks to technology and very creative minds, we are served with a never-ending stream of content—an unlimited smorgasbord of wow, filling our lives with a daily diet of inspiration and motivation.

Images by Daniel Blom

It’s an enriching feast. And it’s even easier to sit back to ponder Seneca’s words and how an athlete, explorer or adventurer can create a world where their daring seems to blossom, seemingly oblivious to difficulties that might affect us.

Do they have some superhuman powers or a natural ability that makes their ‘difficult’ decisions ‘easy’?


But even if we are treated to their perspectives of the world via short ten-minute edits, their decisions are generally laid on a foundation built on years of everyday experiences, big and small.

Experiences that open doors and lead them to a place where all their ideas fall neatly into place as if it was always supposed to be. The simple deduction is that ‘difficult’ becomes ‘easy’ with time and is not a word that can, or should, be applied equally.

Even then, not all of us are interested in riding solo around the world with a daily ten minute dose of sleep, or to struggle against extreme elements to reach an unknown place or the highest peak.

It's inspiring, and it reminds us that we are all capable of great things, but our lives are full of examples where we are enriched by diversity, to do things ‘our’ way.

When we dare to go beyond our horizon, or around that corner that has always forced you into retreat, stubbornly undiscovered. Then new experiences, new adventures reveal themselves.

It could lead to a world of breathtaking vistas, twisting trails, natural harmony. A place where gravity is always on your side. Where each pedal stroke confirms that your limits are only internal and infinity is where and what you want it to be.

A world without boundaries.

Much like ‘difficult’ infinity, is personal. It may feel like a long way away, but you won’t know until you get there.

Open up the world, take it all in.

Take the edge to infinity.